What are we doing?


The following issues are particular priority in the activities of the DLPU:

  • Elections

Free and fair elections are among the basic principles of democracy. Through elections citizens form and participate in state power. We express our support for free and fair elections by carrying out activities aimed at election awareness, election monitoring, and the development of recommendations to improve election practice.

  • Public participation

Public participation is one of the main forms of citizen participation in the development and implementation of state policy in various spheres of state and public life, in the decision-making and organization of public control over the activities of state bodies. Emphasizing the importance of democracy, we are committed to promoting public participation, raising awareness, conducting research, and developing recommendations. We empower citizens, encourage them to participate in public life and contribute to its development.

  • Human rights

Ensuring human rights and freedoms is one of the cornerstones of democracy. As much as human rights depend on the level of awareness of citizens, they also depend on the public authorities to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the law and in good faith. Accordingly, raising awareness of human rights, increasing the legal protection of citizens, ensuring the protection of violated rights, improving the legal aid  services have taken an important place among our activities.

  • Civil society

Recognition of the ability of people to pursue their public and individual interests through various associations is one of the main conditions for the formation of civil society. The existence of a strong civil society is the main guarantor of the rapid development of society and the irreversibility of democracy. We, along with other civil society actors, support the increase of the place and role of CSOs in society in various ways. This support is provided, in particular, through activities that increase the knowledge and skills of CSOs, improve the legal framework and create a better working environment.