The mission of the Democracy Learning Public Union is to support building democratic society in Azerbaijan by strengthening the democratic institutions, enhancing the rule of law and promoting public participation in political and social life of the country.

The members of the Union believe that the formation of a responsible and accountable government, the protection of human rights and freedoms, the creation of a high welfare state, the organization of a free and just society depend on the establishment of democracy. Only democracy guarantees the voices of the people to be heard by governments, and the will of the people to be taken into account in the formulation and implementation of public policy. Through free and fair elections, the periodic and peaceful transfer of power, the fair settlement of disputes through independent courts, and the rule of law are possible in a true democracy.

Despite all its shortcomings, it is difficult to find a second model of governance like democracy in the history of mankind that has successfully survived all the hardships. It is impossible to find peaceful, cohesive and harmonious living conditions in a political regime other than democracy, with its positive features such as inclusion, pluralism, tolerance etc. These and other merits of democracy have been one of the main factors in choosing the above-mentioned mission of the Union.